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At Baby Tastes, We Put Love Into Every Meal

Did you know that our baby and kiddies meals are lovingly prepared by our founder Vanessa, a mom who is passionate about wholesome, nutritious baby food?


the mom behind
Baby Tastes

the mom behind Baby Tastes

the mom behind
Baby Tastes

After training to be a Chef in London, nobody is more proud of her accomplishments than Vanessa Crichton, our founder. Soon after her first daughter was born, she eagerly put her cooking skills to use by preparing her own baby food with meticulous attention to detail. To keep with her world-class culinary background, all ingredients had to be fresh and natural, without preservatives, colourants or additives of any kind.

At the time, the homemade baby food industry didn’t exist. In fact, Vanessa discovered that most store-bought baby food had a shelf life of more than two years. Not exactly her idea of fresh, healthy food. Inspired by the demand and her quest for excellence, Vanessa began to develop some of the finest and most nutritious baby food recipes her years of training and experience could produce. All of which led to the birth of Baby Tastes in 2010.

Baby Tastes

Doing good with every mouthful

As more parents discovered the wholesome benefits of Baby Tastes, what came was less stress and uncertainty when it came to preparing food for their babies and children, while at the same time they could be confident that they were providing the very best nutrition, texture and taste for their precious children. Over the years, Baby Tastes has created exceptional combinations of flavour and texture, all of which have been nutritionally analysed. Equally exceptional is their innovative ice cube tray with a re-sealable lid – a first of its kind in South Africa. This incredible and convenient food portioning system virtually eliminates waste. This means no more opening regular baby food containers that are too big.

We’re on a mission

Make real, nutritious food for babies that not only tastes delicious, but incorporates as many premium-quality ingredients and textures as possible – without additives or preservatives.

A mission that was accomplished, and still holds true to this day.


Ready to try something yummy?

You’ll love our delicious, perfectly sized meals,
tailored just for your baby and delivered right to your door.

You'll love our delicious, perfectly sized meals, tailored just for your baby and delivered right to your door.



“Both my wife and I have demanding careers and were exhausted having to buy healthy ingredients and preparing meals for our little Gemma. We found Baby Tastes and have never looked back. The meals are packaged practically and are easy to store. They are produced using clean and healthy ingredients and provide a variety of nutritious meals for the different stages of development. Convenience with zero guilt."

- Grant, Gemma's dad

“My ten-month-old son has been eating Baby Tastes from weaning and I could not rave more about the product! Baby Tastes food is convenient, delicious and nutritious. So easy to use, I don’t even have to think about cooking in a busy lifestyle, and I know my son is getting the best without fail. Love love love the brand!”

- Kyra, Elijah's mom

“I’m a busy working mum and have used Baby Tastes for both my babies (18 months apart) since we started them on solids. The quality and variety are excellent! The trays of cubes are a total game-changer - on their own or to add to whatever we’re eating. Always super quick and easy ordering and delivery."

- Emma

“My kids love Baby Tastes! They were introduced to the Frooties at 6 months and are still eating the Kiddies tastes. They are 5 and 3 years old. The meals are nutritious and the service from Vanessa has also been impeccable."

- Candice, mom of 2

“As a busy working mom, I was comforted to know that I am giving my child the best when it comes to his nutritional needs. I still add the fruit cubes to my son’s porridge so that I know he has all he needs for a good day at school. He definitely has his favourites!"

- Susanne, Jordan’s Mom

“Baby tastes was such a super find. A lifesaver. Food with flavour, fabulous variety. The whole process was super simple, fast not only easy but confident for working and none working moms. Value for money I am very grateful for Baby Tastes, I’ve never been let down”

- Taryn, Adrian’s Mom

“Every meal is easy and convenient for me and I really don’t know how I would have done this huge part of parenting without them. I can’t recommend Baby Tastes highly enough. I am so appreciative of Vanessa and her team and the incredible service I have always received."

- Caren, Charley Mae's mom

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