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If you’re curious about baby-led weaning or want to start your little one on healthy baby food, get the scoop with these tips and recipes!

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Being a parent is challenging enough, and spending hours researching the best baby food is not a luxury we all have. Each child is so unique in what they need and how they experience their food journey. So, to simplify your life, we put together answers to some of the most asked questions when it comes to choosing the perfect baby food for your most precious asset.

What about the nasties?

When it comes to what we feed our babies, we want only the best. That’s why our baby food is free of additives, preservatives and stabilizers. We believe that what goes into our baby food should be pure, simple and natural.

Trouble getting my baby to feed

It can be frustrating when your baby refuses to eat, especially when you know they’re hungry. There are a few things you can try to get your baby to feed, including changing their position, offering them a different food, or simply trying again later.

Our one of a kind packaging

If you’re looking for safe and eco-friendly packaging for your baby’s products, look no further than our unique packaging options. Our unique trays are environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about using it.

How do I Start?

When it comes to starting your baby on solid foods, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Every baby is different and will show signs of readiness at their own pace. However, there are some general guidelines you can follow.



Our range of scrumptious baby food can be easily used to make your own delicious recipes. We have put together some ideas that are quick to prepare, super tasty and full of all the goodness you’ve come to expect from Baby Tastes. Whether it’s a smoothie for breakfast, hearty warm soup for those chilly days or a homely pasta with quick bolognaise, we are sure you and your little ones will love them all.

Dinkies Soups for Winter

Soups are a quick, nutritious easy way to make sure your child is getting a good dose of veggies. You can literally combine any of our Dinkies and Meaties, add a cup of boiling water and voila, lunch or dinner is served. Ideal served with buttery toast fingers or topped with grated cheese.

The Best Ever Bolognaise

This quick and easy beef bolognaise pasta sauce is ideal for those days where there are just not enough hours in the day. If you prefer not to use pasta, this combination would be delicious spooned over a baked potato or even served on a slice of sour dough toast topped with grated parmesan.

Frooties Smoothies

Who doesn’t like a smoothie? Sadly many store bought smoothies are packed with sugar which is not ideal for children. By using our Frooties you can be sure that there is no added sugar. Feel free to experiment with milk alternatives for wonderful variety.


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