Lebo’s Chicken and Apple Bites


Chicken and apple balls with maize pasta in a homemade tomato compote

TOT16 Ingredients:

Chicken breast (23%); Maize pasta (23%)[white maize flour, emulsifier]; Tomato compote (17%)[tomatoes, tomato sauce (tomatoes, sugar, vinegar, spices (irradiated)]; Peas; Apple (9%); Courgette; Carrot; Onion; Fresh basil
MAY CONTAIN: cow’s milk, wheat, gluten, soya, egg, fish, peanuts, tree nuts

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Nutritional Information

Per 100 g/mlPer single serving (180 g)
Energy (kcal)99.8179.6
Protein (g)9.917.8
Carbohydrates (g)15.127.2
Fat (g)0.71.3
Fibre (g)2.13.8



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