Option 3


This pack is intended for babies who have already been eating solids for about 2-3 weeks.

This pack includes a daily allowance of:

3 fruit cubes for breakfast
2-3 meat cubes for lunch
3 veggie cubes for dinner
2-3 meat cubes for lunch
1-2 veggie cubes for dinner
2-3 fruit cubes for a snack or dessert

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How to use these products:

The Frooties trays are intended for breakfast, snack and dessert. Start this month by adding a few of the new Meaties flavours to your babies diet. Adding a cube or 2 from the Tweenies or Dinkies range to the Meaties cubes is a way of getting your baby used to the new flavours.

You will receive:

33 trays with 12 cubes in each tray:

13 Frooties Trays:
2Apple trays
2Pear & date trays
2Apple & prune with vanilla trays
3Pear, apple & apricot with cinnamon trays
2Blueberry, apple and peach trays
2Oats, apricot, pear and prune trays
3 Tweenies Trays:
2Butternut, sweet potato, squash & pumpkin trays
1Carrot, potato, parsnip, patti pan & courgette tray
6 Dinkies Trays:
1Pea, potato & courgette tray
1Corn & sweet potato tray
1Lentil, pumpkin & carrot tray
1Broccoli, cauliflower & cheese tray
1Mixed vegetable risotto with fresh parsley tray
1Carrot, cauliflower & pea
12 Meaties Trays:
2Chicken, butternut & leek trays
2Beef mince with tomato & basil trays
2Lamb, pea, tomato & pasta trays
1Beef, potato, carrot & courgette tray
2Chicken Bolognese with pasta stars trays
1Chicken liver, vegetables & apple tray
1Beef, spinach, broccoli & sweet potato
1Chicken, sweet corn & rice


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