Option 4


This pack is intended for babies who have already been eating solids for about 2-3 weeks.

This pack includes a daily allowance of:

3 fruit cubes for breakfast
3 meat/fish cubes for lunch, 2 veggie cubes for lunch
3 meat/fish cubes for dinner, 2 veggie cubes for dinner
3 fruit cubes for a snack or dessert


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How to use these products:

If this is the first time your baby is going to try the Spinkies range then start by using the Meaties trays first, then mix a cube or 2 of Tweenies or Dinkies with the Spinkies to get your baby used to the new flavours. Once your baby is used to the Spinkies all the flavours can be mixed together to create a wide variety of meal choices so your baby does not get bored.

From 12 months you may want to start incorporating some Toddler Tastes meals into your baby’s diet. We suggest starting with Zoe’s Zebra Striped Cottage Pie and Bella’s Brilliant Broccoli & Fish Pie as your baby should be familiar with these textures and flavours.

You will receive:

37 trays with 12 cubes in each tray:

12 Frooties Trays:
2 Apple trays
2 Pear & date trays
2 Apple & prune with vanilla trays
2 Pear, apple & apricot with cinnamon trays
2 Blueberry, apple and peach trays
2 Oats, apricot, pear and prune trays

2 Spinkies Fruit Trays:

2 Apple, strawberry & mixed berry trays
3 Tweenies Trays:
2 Butternut, sweet potato, squash & pumpkin tray
1 Carrot, potato, parsnip, patti pan & courgette tray
7 Dinkies Trays:
1 Pea, potato & courgette tray
1 Corn & sweet potato tray
2 Lentil, pumpkin & carrot trays
1 Broccoli, cauliflower & cheese trays
1 Mixed vegetable risotto with fresh parsley tray
1 Carrot, cauliflower & pea
9 Meaties Trays:
1 Chicken, butternut & leek trays
1 Beef mince with tomato & basil trays
2 Lamb, pea, tomato & pasta trays
1 Beef, potato, carrot & courgette trays
1 Chicken Bolognese with pasta stars trays
1 Chicken liver, vegetables & apple tray
1 Beef, spinach, broccoli and sweet potato
1 Chicken, sweet corn & rice
6 Spinkies Trays:
2 Hake, corn, pea & cheese trays
2 Tuna pasta with pesto tomato sauce trays
2 Hake, carrot, broccoli & potato pie trays


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