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This pack is intended for babies who have already been eating solids for about 2-3 weeks.

This pack includes a daily allowance of:

3 fruit cubes for breakfast
3 meat/fish cubes for lunch, 2 veggie cubes for lunch
3 meat/fish cubes for dinner, 2 veggie cubes for dinner
3 fruit cubes for a snack or dessert

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How to use these products:

The Spinkies range includes fish and berries, two allergens that should only be introduced from 9 months.If this is the first time your baby is going to try the Spinkies range then start by mixing a cube or 2 of Tweenies or Dinkies with the Spinkies to get your baby used to the new flavours.

The Frooties are to be added to oats/porridge or full fat plain yoghurt for breakfast and the rest can be served cold or warm as a snack or dessert.

For the first 14 days:
Continue with dinner as usual – meat/fish cubes combined with a few vegetable cubes. At lunch time you may introduce one of the children’s meals.

For the next 14 days:
Progress from baby food dinners to the children’s meals for dinner too. Continue with children’s meal at lunch time. If your baby seems hungry between meals then give them a few finger food snack such as: biltong sticks, cut up vegetable crudité sticks, banana, seedless grapes cut in half, cubes of cheese, toast, pieces of sausage or pasta.

If you would like more Frooties then add them to the order form when placing your monthly order.

You will receive:

37 trays with 12 cubes in each tray:

13 Frooties Trays:
1Apple trays
2Pear & date trays
2Apple & prune with vanilla trays
2Pear, apple & apricot with cinnamon trays
2Blueberry, apple and peach trays
2Oats, apricot, pear and prune trays
2Apple, strawberry & mixed berry trays
1 Spinkies Tray:
1Hake, corn, pea & cheese trays
1 Tweenies Tray:
1Butternut, sweet potato, squash & pumpkin tray
2 Dinkies Trays:
1Pea, potato & courgette tray
1Broccoli, cauliflower & cheese trays
3 Meaties Trays:
1Beef mince with tomato & basil trays
1Lamb, pea, tomato & pasta trays
1Chicken Bolognese with pasta stars trays
45 Childrens Meals
3Shane’s Shimmering Tuna Pasta
3Bella’s Brilliant Broccoli and Fish Pie
2Scott’s Super Salmon Fishcakes
3Max’s Marvellous Macaroni Cheese
3Aaron’s Amazing Vegetable Lasagne
3Ali’s Awesome Vegetable Pie
3Mia’s Meaty Meatballs and Pasta
3Lily’s Lamb and Vegetable Casserole
3Zoe’s Zebra Striped Cottage Pie
3Gemma’s Great Chicken Gratin
3Ryan’s Roaring Chicken Bolognese
2Cameron’s Chicken Meatballs
3Zara’s Zesty Chicken Casserole
2Pippa’s Pork Bangers and Smashed Potatoes
2Tumi’s Tantalizing Chicken Stir-fry
2Lebo’s Chicken and Apple Bites
2Sophie’s Scrumptious Fish and Vegetable Casserole


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